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The top four most accurate broadheads on the market were tested for accuracy including the Ramcat, NAP Nightmare, Rocky Mountain Blitz (right offset), and Rocky Mountain Blitz (left offset). Ramcat came out on top! learn more
No pass through, no problem! Ramcat Broadhead blades are sharpened on the rear to cut its way back out of an animal!learn more


We here at Ramcat appreciate the efforts of our prostaffers and especially, two that have been with us from the beginning. Their names are Chris and Delila Smelcer. Unfortunately, Chris recently found out he had stage 4 cancer in his jawbone and recently underwent surgery where they had to replace and rebuild his jaw with a bone from his leg and completely rebuild the floor of his mouth. He went through the surgery like a champ and is now at home recovering. With this happening, Chris and Delila have run into many extra medical expenses. If you are interested in helping Chris and Delila out in their time of need, please send any donations you would like to make to Delila Smelcer at 230 Southwoods Drive, Jasper, GA 30143. Thank you Ramcat Nation.

RAMCAT hits like a ram… cuts like a cat!

The Ramcat fixed blade broadhead Hits like a ram... cuts like a cat! is available and ready for shipping. The Ramcat is a hybrid fixed blade broadhead. The blades are sharpened front and rear and will roll forward to cut coming back out of the target (“Backcut”). The Ramcat is a high performance head with a stealth design. This head outperforms anything on the market in accuracy, penetration and cut diameter. These heads fly in the loaded position but if there is no pass through the blades roll forward and cut their way backout! More features below:
  • 100 grain broadhead with Monster 1 3/8″ cut diameter!
  • Drafting technology eliminates wind planing!
  • Hybrid hydroshock cut from the start chisel tip reduces friction down the arrow shaft allowing maximum penetration!
  • No Passthrough; no problem; blades roll forward and create a backcut!
  • Stealth, cantilevered, offset blade design.
  • All stainless steel construction.


adam-hupf-front Congratulations to Adam Hupf who shot the WI state record buck with a Ramcat in our booth at DeerFest.

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Ramcat Broadheads along with other industry broadhead and bow accessory manufacturers are having their product (intellectual properties) bootlegged in China and they are being sold on the black market as “real product” when it is a cheap knockoff being sold cheap. Please make sure you are buying our Ramcat Broadheads through an approved dealer and you should ask them to prove it!!! Some people here in the United States are buying these knockoff heads from the black market and then taking photos and Ramcat marketing materials from our website and using this to sell cheap imitations online here in the United States. This is damaging our reputation along with others by these individuals stealing the marketing material and intellectual properties to make a profit on something they do not own.