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MAP Policy

Arcus Hunting LLC MAP Policy

Arcus Hunting Group LLC (“Arcus Hunting”) has implemented a minimum advertised price policy (“MAP Policy”). This policy is applicable to all Arcus approved retailers and distributors and to any non-approved retailers to whom the approved retailers or distributors sell or transfer products. This MAP Policy is effective January 1, 2017, and it applies to Arcus Hunting products sold and marketed under the brands RamCat Broadheads and Trophy Taker. Arcus Hunting reserves the right to adjust the minimum advertised pricing (“MAP”) for products at its discretion.

Retailers are free to advertise; promote or sell the Products at any price they choose at or above the MAP. Retailers may not advertise or promote Arcus Hunting products using the Internet or other media at a net price less than MAP listed in the 2017 Price List and may not sell the products to any other person which advertises the products at a net price less than MAP. This MAP Policy applies to all advertisements of Arcus products in any and all media, including but not limited to, the Internet, email newsletters, flyers, direct mailers, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and other media sources.

In the event that Arcus Hunting determines a retailer is in violation of the published MAP Policy, action may be taken. These actions may include, suspension or termination of the products in question.

Distributors of Arcus Hunting Products will supply a copy of the Arcus Hunting MAP Policy to any new or existing retailer or make this policy available to them online.

Any questions regarding the Arcus Hunting MAP Policy should be emailed to JP Fischer, VP of Sales & Marketing.

Thank you for your continued support of Arcus Hunting.