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Ramcat Diamondback Fixed-Blade Broadhead - 125 grain

The Diamondback is based on Ramcat’s patented Airfoil System found on the ferrule . This concave design reduces wind planning, leading to Ramcat’s renowned field point accuracy and market-leading penetration. The Diamondback is Ramcat’s first entirely fixed blade featuring a 1-1/2” inch cut diameter, Firenock Aero Concentric Technology and Back-Cut Technology.

  • 125 Grain, 3-Pack
  • Patented Airfoil System
  • 100% Stainless Steel Construction
  • Front & Rear Sharpened Blades
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Available Weight(s) 125 gr
Blade Thickness .032 in
Cut Diameter Option(s) 125 gr - 1 1/2” Cut Diameter
Sharpened Blades Front & Rear

Back Cut Technology

The rear of the blades are sharpened. lf there is no pass through, the blades roll forward and cut coming out. Blades are .032” stainless steel and silent in flight.

Airfoil Aerodynamics

The patented concave scoop design creates an airfoil that eliminates wind planing for field point accuracy.

On impact, the airfoil science of Ramcat continues to work by moving body mass outward and away from the broadhead body and arrow shaft.

Patent # US 8,210,971 B1

Blade Over Shaft Technology

Blades are cantilevered over the arrow shaft and offset in the broadhead body creating a devastating vortex cut and results in the most aerodynamic broadhead on the market.