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Ramcat Hemoshock™ DP Mechanical Broadhead - 100 Grain

The NEW Ramcat Hemoshock™ DP (Deeper Penetrating) Mechanical Broadhead is specifically designed to create deeper penetration on impact for all bowhunters no matter their draw weight or energy. Intentionally engineered to have a narrower 3 blade angle and profile design for increased penetration while not sacrificing overall cutting surface. Integrated with all the foundational Ramcat technologies, with deeper penetrations and a 2+” cutting surface, making the Ramcat Hemoshock™ DP one of the most accurate and reliable broadhead on the market.

  • 100 Grain—1 ¼ ” Cutting Diameter, 2 1/16 ” Cutting Surface
  • 3 Blade Mechanical Broadhead - 3 Per Pack
  • Smaller Blade Angle for increased penetration.
  • Patented Concave Airfoil Technology for superior accuracy and penetration.
  • Firenock Aero Concentric Technology (FACT) for increased accuracy and repeatability.
  • O-Ring Technology has multiple positions for a lower poundage bow, standard compound bow or even high-performance crossbows.
  • Heat treated stainless steel and 7075 aluminum construction.
  • Compound Bow and Crossbow Rated.
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